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A school German trip is the perfect way to encourage your students to develop a passion for the language. They will love using German to explore the country and learn about its culture and history and by doing so they are certain to improve both their language skills and their confidence.

We offer a fantastic choice of destinations for school German trips. Berlin is always hugely popular and Munich too offers all the cultural attractions you would expect from a major city. We also offer quieter destinations, such as the Black Forest and the Rhineland, which both offer truly ‘authentic’ German experiences.

Choose a Tour Type

We’ve developed a range of tour types designed to immerse your students in the language and culture of your chosen destination. The type of tour you choose will depend on the level of your learners and the intended focus of your trip.

Culture ToursView Trips

These school German trips will provide your students with an introduction to the culture, as well as provide them with plenty of opportunity to practice speaking with the locals.

Study ToursView Trips

These trips include lessons at a specialist language school, cultural activities and host family accommodation, all of which provides a real total immersion experience.

Work Experience ToursView Trips

Give your A-Level German students the opportunity to experience the everyday, practical usage of the language, as they take part in a week’s work experience at a local company.