School Language Trips Abroad

Taking your language learning abroad

Take the theory and practice of learning a language in your classroom to the streets of some of the most famous cities in the world. We have put together some fantastic trips with activities that provide opportunities for your students to experience and practice their languages abroad.

Halsbury Travel have over 30 years experience of helping schools take learning a language outside of the classroom. With a former French Language Teacher as our Managing Director, practising a language abroad has always been a core passion for Halsbury Travel.

Language Tour Types

We appreciate that each group leader has different learning aims, objectives and outcomes they wish to achieve when planning a school language tour. Being aware of this has led to our developing a range of language ‘tour types’, which, we believe, will help you to achieve those goals.

Combining sightseeing and exciting activities with the chance to practise speaking with locals, this is the perfect introduction to the target language and culture.

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Language lessons at a specialist school, taught by native speakers, as well as cultural activities and host family accommodation – a total immersion language experience.

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AS/A2 Level students spend a week working at a local business, using the target language on an everyday basis. Host family accommodation completes the immersive experience.

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Introduce your young learners to the country, language and culture with exciting cultural activities. Trips tailored to meet the different needs of primary and prep school groups.

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Individual Language Experiences

If you are not in a position to organise your own group trip then why not recommend one of our individual language experiences to your students to help them to develop their language skills during school holidays?

Choose from a variety of language courses at a specialist school, with native-speaking teachers. Perfect for improving the overall level, or preparing for A-Levels.

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Spend a week abroad working at a local company, using the target language on an everyday basis. Improve language skills, increase confidence and develop independence.

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