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Look Out for the First Editions of Our Mini-Magazines

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We are very excited to announce that the first editions of our mini-magazines focusing on subject-specific educational travel will be available in staff rooms across the country very shortly. 

We have created some exciting new mini-magazines designed especially for teachers! These subject-specific mini-magazines are packed full of news, interesting articles, special offers and ideas for your next school trip!

The first editions of our ‘Geographer’, ‘Historian and ‘Linguist’ mini-magazines should be landing in your staff room this week. Highlights include: 

• ‘Geographer’ – An interesting look at the Nepal earthquake and an Iceland poster for your classroom.

• ‘Historian’ – Articles on the Battle of the Somme and Dunkirk Evacuation anniversaries and a look at the new National Socialism Documentation Centre in Muních.

• ‘Linguist’ – Information on our recent Montpellier inspection visit and an update on next summer’s flights.

We hope that these mini-magazines will be a welcome addition to your staff room! We’d love to hear what you would like to read in the next edition, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know.  

Can’t find a copy in your staff room? You can also download a PDF version of the mini-magazines here: 

'Geographer' Magazine - download

'Historian' Magazine - download

'Linguist' Magazine - download


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