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Got Everything You Need for Your School Trip?


Heading off on your school trip this half term? Got everything you need? We recently reached out to teachers on social media for their tips on what to take – and some of their suggestions may just be a stroke of genius!

Emergency case of water in case of breakdowns/delays

Hopefully, you’ll sail through to your destination but it’s always a good idea to prepare for any delays to your journey. And bringing an emergency case of water bottles is always a good idea, especially as the temperatures start to rise. 


Air freshener, bin bags, wet wipes and kitchen roll

We probably don’t need to explain these – but they will come in very handy in the event that you have any students who don’t travel well… The bin bags will also come in handy for collecting litter at regular intervals, to keep the coach nice and tidy and feeling less chaotic. 


Equipment for games

This is one we hadn’t thought of – but taking a football, or a bat and ball could be a really good idea for getting that last bit of energy out of your students before they turn in for the night. As long as there is a suitable area for games, this is also a completely free evening activity!


Notebook to write things down that you want to remind/inform students of

Another great idea, a notebook will allow you to jot down reminders to yourself of things you need to communicate to your students. That could be to do with behaviour (something you were impressed by that you want to highlight, as well as anything negative), reminders of what to put in their day bag for the following day, or any other business. You could also make notes on what they’ve learnt over the day, to quiz them on in the evening!


Comfy shoes

Something that everyone needs to pack, comfy shoes are especially important for teachers, as you’ll likely be on your feet even longer than the students, what with corridor patrols, directing breakfast and everything else. The last thing you want is sore feet when you’re in charge of a group of students abroad!


Age-appropriate DVDs

This may be obvious, but DVDs can be a lifesaver on a long coach journey. Everyone can switch off and enjoy a film together – it certainly makes the time pass quicker!


Prizes for awards night

If you want to encourage good behaviour on your school trip, a good incentive could be an end-of-trip awards night, for which you’ll need some prizes! It could be something as simple as a certificate, some sweet treats or quirky souvenirs!


Something identifiable for students to wear

Are your students in school uniform or mufti for your school trip? If they’ll be in school uniform, then they will be easily identifiable – less so if they are in civvies. In this case, it could be a good idea to give every student something that will help you easily spot them in busy areas. For example, they could have matching caps, lanyards or hoodies. 


Vamoos app

If you haven’t already, we’d strongly recommend downloading the Vamoos app. This will give you easy access to all your trip documents via your tablet or smartphone. If you haven’t yet received a login or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact your Itinerary Manager. 

Did you know that now is the perfect time to start thinking about your next trip?

With this trip still fresh in your mind, you’ll have a really good idea of what’s worked well and what could be improved upon next time. Plus, getting in early offers a whole host of benefits!

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