School trips to UK

You don’t have to go far for an inspiring school trip. The UK offers some fantastic opportunities to learn outside the classroom for any number of subjects. Visit the vibrant capital, London, with its numerous museums, art galleries and theatres, or venture across the Irish Sea to Belfast, where your students will learn more about the Troubles and the Northern Ireland peace process. Wherever you choose and whatever your subject, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your tailor-made itinerary ensures your school trip to the UK provides an unforgettable and engaging learning experience for your students.

Popular Trips

General & Cultural from £79 - (London)


School General & Cultural trip to London

School Trip to London

For a cross-curricular and cultural enrichment tour that will inspire your students, you need look no further than our own capital city...

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History from £89 - (London)


School Medicine Through Time trip to London

Medicine Through Time School Trip to London

Medicine Through Time - Introduce your students to the history of the city with a guided and themed walking tour of London...

2 days/ 1 night from £89 View »


Language from £89 - (London)


School English Literature trip to London

English Literature in London

London's theatres enjoy a great heritage and host a variety of performances. On arrival in London, we can organise a choice of backstag...

2 days/1 night from £89 View »


Performing Arts from £165 - (London)


School Performing Arts trip to London

Performing Arts in London

London is arguably one of the world's major tourist destinations and if you are looking to motivate and enthuse your students then a to...

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Politics from £149 - (Belfast)


School Political History & Civil Rights trip to Belfast

Political History School Trip to Belfast

Start your school politics tour of Belfast with a guided walking tour of the city centre covering the history of the Troubles...

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Religious Studies from £149 - (London)


School Religious Studies trip to London

Religious Studies in London

A visit to London offers immense value to Religious Studies students. Our itineraries can be tailored to your requirements allowing stu...

3 days/2 nights from £149 View »