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Promoting Your School Ski Trip


So, you’ve decided on the dates and destination of your school ski trip and have made the provisional booking. Now it’s time to promote your tour!

We do recommend that you promote your school ski trip as early as possible, to give students and their families plenty of time to finance the trip.

There’s lots of ways to do this. One of the best things to do is to request a promotional pack from your Account Manager. This includes a DVD of our videos (which feature real footage of real Halsbury ski trips) and posters.


Showing a video to your students and their parents can help to encourage participation in your trip. Our videos feature footage of real Halsbury ski trips and were shot in Madonna di Campiglio in the Italian Dolomites over February half term 2016.


Raise awareness of your school ski trip by placing posters around your school. We’ve designed a number of eye-catching poster which you are very welcome to download. Alternatively, contact your Account Manager for a promotional pack featuring posters and a DVD of our ski videos.

Gaining parental permission

Obviously, you’ll need to get parental permission for students to participate in your school ski trip. The best way to get this is still the good old fashioned letter home! We’ve put together a sample letter which you’re very welcome to use.

You’re probably planning to hold a parents’ evening too. This is a great way to ensure that parents have all the information they need. We’d be pleased to pop along to your parents’ evening if this would be helpful for you, please just ask!

You can also hold supplementary meetings later, to update them, make them feel more involved in the planning process and give them further opportunity to ask questions.

Important information for parents:

Tour dates

Not only will parents want to know the dates of the trip, they’ll also want to know estimated departure and arrival times, as well as information on where to drop off and collect their child.


Parents will also want information on the transport their child will take. They will want information on what safety measures have been put in place. For further information on this, please visit the transport section of our website or contact your Ski Trip Coordinator.


Of course, parents will want as much information on accommodation as possible. They’ll want to know sleeping arrangements, information regarding meals, distance from the slopes etc. Again, if you are unsure about any of this or need further information, please just contact your Ski Trip Coordinator.


At the initial parents evening, it’s likely that you’ll still be in the planning stages in terms of the itinerary. However, parents will still want an idea of the activities their child may participate in. Your Ski Trip Coordinator can provide you with further information on this.


This really goes without saying, but parents will want to know about the level of supervision on your trip.

Contact details

Obviously, parents will want contact details for the group leader, as well as emergency contact details. It’s a good idea to provide parents with a comprehensive list of contact details so that they can contact your group in the resort, as well as the school and even other parents in case of emergency. You may also like to invite them to join you on Twitter or Facebook, so that you can post reassuring updates through the tour.

What to pack

You'll need to give parents plenty of notice regarding any special clothing or equipment that their child will need to pack. Most equipment can be hired on-site, so please do let us know if you need further information on this.

Pocket money

Parents will want to know how much money to give their children and in what currency. They’ll also want to know how this will be managed, which may depend on the age of the children.


It’s important to let parents know about the insurance – what is and isn’t covered, as well as procedures in case of accident or illness.

Behavioural expectations

It’s a great idea to get parents on board early with regards to a behavioural code, as this will need to be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of students on the mountain. You may like to take them through the Skiway Code, so that they can remind their children of this.

Deposit deadlines

It's very important to make the deposit and payment deadlines clear when contacting parents about the trip, as this ensures all interested parties have ample opportunity to sign up in time.

Important information you’ll need from parents:

Special dietary requirements

It’s really important that parents let you know in advance if their children have any special dietary requirements or allergies, so that we can inform your accommodation and meal providers ahead of your arrival. Of course, to be on the safe side, it’s also a good idea to remind them of these when you arrive in resort too.

Medical requirements

If a student has a known medical condition, their parents should check with their GP that they are fit to go on the ski trip. It’s also important to check with the insurance company that the student is suitably covered by the policy.

If a student requires medication, it is important that their parents advise what it is and whether the student is able to administer it themselves. If not, you will need to know how it is stored and administered.

GP contact details

Before you travel you’ll need to receive the name, address and telephone number of your students’ GPs.

Parental contact details

For each student, it’s a good idea to get both the parents’ contact details and those of another person, just in case you’re not able to reach parents in an emergency.

Any other important information

Finally, it’s worth asking parents whether there is any other information they think you should be aware of.

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