School WW2 Battlefield Tour to Dunkirk

Occupied twice by German troops in the 20th century, this school history tour to Dunkirk brings into focus the themes of Hitler's foreign policy, the origins of WW2, Britain at war and the development of tactics and technology. Visiting the area allows students to explore life during the Second World War, from invasion to liberation, and explores the links between science and war. We will also expand on the theme of the German occupation from 1940 to 1945 in the Nord—Pas-de-Calais, one of the hardest hit regions during the "dark years".

Study themes: Britain at war, Hitler’s foreign policy, the development of warfare – tactics and technology in the Second World War, the impact of war and the transformation of British society, the origins of World War 2

Specifications & Topics Supported
KS3: Twentieth Century World
GCSE: AQA ‘B’ Britain at War - controlled assessments
AS / A2: Edexcel ‘A’ War and the Transformation of British Society 1931-1951, The Impact of War on Britain
Edexcel Unit 2C1 - The Experience of Warfare

Day 1

Travel by coach/tunnel

from UK

Visit La Coupole and

Memorial du Souvenir

Return by coach/tunnel

to UK

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School WW2 Battlefield Tour to Dunkirk

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Wolstanton High School
La Coupole

La Coupole

Built in 1943 as a base for Hitler's V2 missile, La Coupole is dedicated to life in Northern France during the second world war from invasion to liberation, and explores the links between science and war. Educational packs explaining the relevance of La Coupole to the modern world and tailored to a range of age groups are available at no additional cost. The Centre also expands on the theme of...

Battle of Dunkirk Museum (Memorial du Souvenir)

Battle of Dunkirk Museum (Memorial du Souvenir)

The MEMORIAL of the SOUVENIR, Historical Centre of the BATTLE of DUNKIRK and OPERATION DYNAMO in France. The battle of Dunkirk is the account of the fight carried out by the French army and by the body expeditionary British in order to retain the longest possible the attackers.The Dynamo Operation is the name of the evacuation from beaches of Dunkirk by the front port and the mol east of 225000 Br...

Dunkirk Cemetery and Memorial

Dunkirk Cemetery and Memorial

Of the 793 Second World War burials, 213 are unidentified and special memorials are erected to 58 soldiers known to be buried among them. These graves are in plots 1 and 2 of the section by the Dunkirk Memorial. There are also Czech, Norwegian and Polish war graves within the Commonwealth section, and war graves of other nationalities will be found elsewhere within the cemetery. The Dunkirk Memori...

Dynamo tour

Dynamo tour

Your guide joins you on board for a 2 hour tour of the evacuation beaches, the port, British Memorial and cemetery, Zydcoote Maritime Hospital and the shipwrecks of Dunkirk

Blockhouse Bunker

Blockhouse Bunker

By visiting the Eperlecques bunker, you will discover an authentic launch pad with its V1 ready for takeoff. The site of Eperlecques was chosen to build the 1st completely autonomous V2 rockets launch site.

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