School trips to Netherlands

School trips to the Netherlands are great for groups wishing to stay a little bit closer to home, while still packing in some fantastic learning opportunities. Most groups who visit the Netherlands choose to stay in the capital, Amsterdam, which is a truly diverse, cosmopolitan city with a great mixture of people. We send a broad range of school groups to the Netherlands studying art, leisure and tourism, business studies and geography. If you are looking for an exciting end-of-term treat, why not consider a visit to the Christmas markets at Valkenburg?

Popular Trips

Art from £139 - (Amsterdam)


School Art trip to Amsterdam

Art in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an important cultural and artistic centre and art galleries play a major role in the rich cultural scene. Amsterdam is a...

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Christmas Markets from £129 - (Valkenburg)


School Christmas Markets trip to Valkenburg

Bruges & Valkenburg Christmas Markets Trip

Spend 3 fantastic days visiting the beautiful cities of Valkenberg and Bruges; both with lots to offer in very different ways.

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History from £205 - (Amsterdam)


School The Nazis & the Holocaust trip to Amsterdam

The Nazis & the Holocaust School Trip to Amsterdam & Arnhem

The Nazis & the Holocaust - A trip to WW2 Dutch battlefields evokes a powerful picture of the time

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Music from £244 - (Valkenburg, Noordwijk)


School Music trip to Valkenburg

Music in Valkenburg

The ‘Four Countries Tour’ – perform in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg! With influences from neighbo...

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School Music trip to Noordwijk

Music in Noordwijk

Explore the rich culture of a unique part of Europe! Situated close to the capital, Amsterdam, Noordwijk offers visitors the perfect co...

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Religious Studies from £205 - (Amsterdam)


School Religious Studies trip to Amsterdam

Religious Studies in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a truly diverse city with a great mixture of cultures and history. Popular visits on an RE Tour include Anne Frank’s...

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Science from £199 - (Amsterdam)


School Science trip to Amsterdam

Science in Amsterdam

Let your students experience science outside of the classroom with a visit to the Netherlands. Located in Noordwijk on the Dutch Coast...

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Sport from £370 - (Amsterdam)


School Tournament trip to Amsterdam

School Football Tournament in the Netherlands

Challenge your students by entering them into an international youth football tournament in the Netherlands. Your students will love th...

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