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Hi, my name’s Lynsey and, chances are, if you’ve arranged a German trip with us, you’ve probably spoken to me!

I’m a fluent German speaker having studied it at uni and am a huge Germanophile. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Germany on numerous occasions over the years! 

One of our groups’ favourite German destinations is the Rhineland, which most travel to by coach. Here are some of my top tips for visiting the Rhineland: 

Experience Fairy Tale Germany

The Rhineland is the heart of ‘fairy tale’ Germany, with its enchanting forests, magnificent castles and, of course, the majestic river Rhine that snakes its way through the landscape. Make sure you swing by Marksburg – this beautiful castle towers above the village of Braubach and is the only castle in area never to have been taken by force!

Visit Local Towns

Visits to Koblenz and Boppard, two of the main settlements along the river, will give your students some great opportunities to practise their German. Whether it’s ordering drinks and snacks, shopping for souvenirs or even asking for help in completing our town trail activity, challenge your students to speak with locals!

Amusements on the Rhine

Completely unmissable is a trip along the river on a boat – in my opinion, the only way to properly appreciate the scenic beauty of the valley. Another favourite, particularly with students, is Phantasialand, which is one of Europe’s top theme parks and a real treat for adrenaline junkies!

If you’re interested in the Rhineland as a potential destination for your next school German trip, why not give contact us for further information? 


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