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European Day of Languages

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Today, the 26th September, is The European Day of Languages, which was set up by the Council of Europe and the European Union. The aim of the day is to celebrate linguistic diversity and promote language learning in and outside of schools.

Having taught languages for almost 30 years and just recently moved into the realms of educational travel, one of my colleagues asked me what had turned me on to languages…So I thought about it and thought…how apt.

My love of languages started after a school visit abroad!!

Up to the age of 11 I had never been abroad but had always had a bit of a cosmopolitan upbringing given that my Father is Canadian and he spent his formative years in America. My first school trip abroad was in the 1st year of Secondary School (yr7) when I went to Blankenberge on the Belgian Coast.  Not the furthest distance to travel…but enough…I was hooked. Since then I have travelled whenever possible. I would like to think that I convinced more than a few students to consider studying languages…never the easiest option but hugely rewarding. I have accompanied and organised too many trips to mention and regularly when asked what the high spot of their school career was, school leavers would invariably reply our trip to … Germany… France… wherever.

I now travel vicariously everyday as I spend my time helping to organise those self same trips which are so often life changing!

To find out more about organising a language school trip abroad and the different destinations you can travel to, visit our languages page.


Written by Bev Ford, School Tours Development Manager, Halsbury Travel


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