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Discover Fairy Tale France in the Loire Valley

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The Loire Valley is often cited as one of the most beautiful areas of France and is famous for its rolling countryside, world-renowned vineyards and, of course, the numerous châteaux. 

When the kings of France began to move their palaces to the Jardin de la France, it was in search of pleasure and relaxation, and it did not take long for the French nobility to follow them there. The resulting châteaux are magnificent and have inspired many famous French artists and writers, including Charles Perrault, author of Sleeping Beauty (La Belle au bois dormant). It is said that Perrault based his heroine's castle on the spectacular Château d'Ussé. 

The region has also borne witness to a great deal of history, including several key battles of the Hundred Years War and the appearance of Joan of Arc, who inspired the French to victory over the English, winning back the territories that their Anglo-Saxon neighbours had once held. 

Futuroscope, one of France's top visitor attractions, is also located in the Loire Valley. This theme park's attractions are based on multimedia, cinematography and audio-visual techniques. With most of the shows in French, this is a great opportunity to test your students' French skills!

This huge amount of history and culture makes the Loire Valley a fantastic choice of destination for your next school French trip. For further information and advice regarding your school French trip to the Loire Valley, please do not hesitate to contact us


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