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Our History of Warfare school trips are carefully designed to help students to understand how warfare has changed and developed from the time of the Napoleonic wars up to the end of the Second World War. By visiting key destinations and having the opportunity to see for themselves the various equipment and technology used, as well as learn about the lives of the soldiers from contemporary accounts, students will develop their comprehension of the contexts in which these changes occurred. These school history trips take in two or more locations specific to each period, such as Waterloo, Normandy, Ypres and Dunkirk, allowing students to draw direct comparisons between them.

Curriculum focus:

  • KS3 curriculum's 'Changing Nature of Conflict and Cooperation Between Countries and People'
  • Edexcel GCSE History B: The Changing Nature of Warfare
  • Edexcel A Level (unit 2C 1): Britain's Experience of Warfare
  • OCR A Level (unit F966): The Changing Nature of Warfare
  • AQA GCSE B: Britain at War

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School History of Warfare trip to Normandy

Normandy & The Somme

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School History of Warfare trip to Waterloo

Ypres, Waterloo & Dunkirk

Explore the changing nature of warfare with your students on a school history trip to Waterloo, Ypres and Dunkirk. From the cavalries o...

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