School trips to Athens, Greece

Two and a half thousand years ago Athens laid the foundations of Europe's civilisation and fleshed out the principles of its democracy The Acropolis is a holy flat-topped rock, which rises 150m above sea level and was the seat of the supreme court of ancient Athens. The most popular time to visit the Acropolis is in the evening when you can watch the spectacular sunset over the city’s ancient monuments. The largest temple in Greece also stands in Athens ‘The Temple of Zeus’ this amazing ancient structure made from marble consisted of 104 corinthian columns when it was originally built, now only 15 remain. Take a look around the archaeological museum and view some amazing ancient statues, pottery, jewellery and weapons. A visit to this exciting city will throw the cultural and historical achievements of Greece into sharp relief.

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School Classical Studies trip to Athens

Classical Studies in Athens

Athens, the enchanting capital of Greece is one of the oldest cities in the world with its written history going back over 3400 years....

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