School trips to China

School trips to China are always an excellent choice, as there is an unparalleled wealth of culture and history to delight and intrigue students as they explore China's ancient past in Beijing and enjoy its exciting modern development in Shanghai. This incredible country more than makes up for the long journey times in the educational value it offers for school trips. In fact, China offers a diverse range of learning opportunities and is suitable for many subjects, including art, business studies, languages, geography and leisure and tourism.

Popular Trips

General & Cultural from £1259 - (Beijing and Shanghai)


School General & Cultural trip to Beijing and Shanghai

School Trip to China

Introduce your students to an ancient culture rich with art, literature, music, religion and philosophy. A school trip to China will be...

8 days/6 nights from £1,259 View »


Geography from £949 - (Beijing, Beijing and Shanghai, Beijing and To...)


School Geography trip to Beijing

Geography in Beijing

Beijing is an excellent place to study many facets of human geography, whilst the physical landscape outside of the city also has...

5 days/3 nights from £949 View »

School Geography trip to Beijing and Shanghai

Geography in Beijing and Shanghai

Beijing and Shanghai offer students the chance to compare two very different cities and experience the Old and New China. Start yo...

8 days/6 nights from £1,259 View »

School Geography trip to Beijing and Tours

Geography in Beijing and Tours

Starting in Shanghai, the new business centre of China, students will learn how this city has exploited its position on the river to be...

13 days/11 nights from £1,659 View »


Language from £989 - (Beijing)


School Mandarin trip to Beijing

Mandarin in Beijing

Our Beijing tour is a great opportunity for your students to immerse themselves in Chinese life. The inclusion of 2 afternoon sessions

6 days/ 4 nights from £989 View »


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