The Halsbury Travel team

Our Story

It was 1986, and Head of Modern Languages, Keith Sharkey, was feeling frustrated.

A passionate believer in the educational value of school trips abroad, he had led many during his 16-year teaching career. 

But he felt the tour operators he’d used fell short when it came to providing adequate support for him as a busy teacher and group leader.

And he worried that this lack of support could stop other teachers from being able to provide their students with the experience of travelling abroad with their school. 

So, he decided to do something about it and Halsbury Travel was born. 

Based on his own experiences, and first-hand knowledge of the pressures on teachers and group leaders when arranging school trips, Keith created a tour operator that focused on supporting them. 

And it was his belief that by providing the support they needed, Halsbury Travel would give more teachers and group leaders the opportunity to inspire more young people to reach their full potential through learning outside the classroom.

Over the past 30 years, Halsbury has gone from strength to strength and now carries up to 50,000 passengers each year! To find out more how Halsbury has grown over the years, check out our timeline.

Today, Keith is still at the helm of what is now one of the few remaining independent school tour operators. Alongside him is his wife, Sue, who is also a former teacher, and their two children - Stuart and Katie. The rest of the Halsbury family is made up of a dynamic team of former teachers, school travel specialists and the office mascot - Bobby the Labrador!